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If you have been following my blog at all (all like 14 posts hah) or read my about me, you will know I recently moved to Southern California. My hometown is only about 3 to 4 hours away (depending on traffic) from LA so I am not a complete stranger to SoCal, however, I am still not familiar. Now that I live in LA county I want to make sure I make the most of my time here! I am hoping that at least once a month I can do something that is out of the norm and discover something cool in the area! (Providing school and work allow it)

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So, for my first exploration, I went to The Getty. For those of you who don't know The Getty Museum is a HUGE art museum that features some insanely beautiful and famous works of art. I heard about this museum my first year of college when my art history professor went on and on about it. I have wanted to go ever since. It was completely amazing, the art history lover in me was extremely happy. (I mean I was an Art History major for a hot second.)
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When you drive on the (sucky) 405 you see The Getty sitting on top of a hill. It looks like a giant spaceship. You will get a long time to look at it too, because on your way you will inevitably be stuck in traffic.
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If you like art at all, The Getty is a must visit. There is just so much to see! There are 3 main buildings filled with art, a small building with the traveling collection, a huge garden, and so much more. It was actually quite overwhelming; something you need a whole day or a couple days to tackle.

It was a really awesome place to visit. They have these little iPod tours where you get an iPod that leads you around the museum and tells you everything you need to know. They also offer tours and all kinds of events.

If you are going to visit make sure you have:
Food and water (You are allowed to bring food with you and make sure you do because buying food is expensive! ...But of course you are not allowed to eat inside)
Comfortable shoes (This place is HUGE, you will be on your feet probably the whole time so be prepared!)
$15 for parking. The Museum is free, but you have to pay for parking

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Because of the location (up on a hill) you can get some amazing views of LA. Very good touristy photo ops!
If you find yourself in LA, then The Getty is the perfect, inexpensive way to spend a day!

 photo PortraitofaBoyinFancyDress.jpg photo R50ZynfZeIe1dic0wmP51kNFESPTsEb1IO5aM9JOxJM.jpg photo Degas.jpg
(Some crappy iPhone photos I took on the DL because you aren't allowed to take your cameras in certain places. Don't tell on me.)

Will you be checking it out?



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School is coming up and that means that things are about to become crazy!
I am generally a pretty unorganized person and to make sure my life doesn't completely fall apart between school and work and just general life stuff I decided to invest in a planner. Now I don't know much about the paper/ scrapbooking/ planner world (because believe me there is WHOLE world out there surrounding that stuff; just check Pinterest).
However, I do know that Filofax is the best in the business and although they can be quite pricey I like that it can be used year after year.

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The model Filofax I bought is the Pink Domino. It is the most affordable and it is nice to know I will have it for a long time versus buying a new 20 dollar planner from Target every year.

 photo filofax3.jpg

I am pretty new at this, but in order to keep myself on a schedule that works for me, I have been listing all the different things I need to do in different colors. I am a really visual person so to have everything laid out like that really helps me keep things organized. You can kind of see how I do things in the image above. I also have printouts that I got from Pinterest that also help me. Really, Pinterest is the place to go to find stuff to help get your planner together.

I use mostly Washi tape, printouts, and muti-color pens to decorate the pages, because it is a lot more fun to do the boring stuff if I make it look nice!

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Thanks for taking a look at my planner!!



*Warning: If you do not like cats/cat pictures do not read this post as it contains a gratuitous amount of cat pictures! You have been warned!
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A few days ago I went home to the valley to grab some things I had forgotten. While I was there my family decided to check out a place called The Cat house on the Kings. It is only about 30 mins from my house and I thought it would be a fun little trip because I love cats. I didn't really know what to expect, but even if I did this place would have blown my expectations out of the water. You may have seen a documentary on National Geographic called The Lady with 700 Cats. Well, this is her home! There are around 1000 cats that roam this 12 acre property. If you love cats this is an absolute must see.

The whole premise of The Cat House is to provide a safe place for cats. They really go all out in providing these cats with the healthcare and room they need. It was really a lovely place. The provided so much room for the cats to roam outside, but it was gated so they cats could not get out and get hurt. The main goal is to adopt out cats, because in the Valley shelters are no longer accepting cats, not even to put them down!! So, the cat house is doing a huge favor to the cat population by giving them a safe and happy place to live. They also have top healthcare for the animals and have one of the only little care facilities for kitties with kitty AIDs. (I just want to make sure those who read this know that this is not a zoo or a kill shelter, it is a wonderful environment for cats who have no place else to go sorry for the long disclaimer!)

 photo kittens.jpg photo kittensonkittens.jpg

When we arrived we were ready to be taken on a tour of the place (it is by appointment only so if you intend to go make sure you call ahead) and they took us into a little side room to wait for our tour guide (Lynea Lattanzio, the founder of The Cat House). The room they took us to was AMAZING. It was literally just a room FILLED with kittens. Each kitten had plenty of room to roam around and explore and their were tons of toys for them to play with. They were so cute and needy and would just crawl up on you to get closer. 

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As the tour began we got to see just how many cats there were! It was a very hot day (around 110° F/ 43.33°C) so there were tons of cats just laying in the shade and sleeping in the trees. The cats also had a house with AC on so if they got to hot they do have the option of going inside. Of course, most of the cats loved laying outside in the nice warm shade!

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This cat, pictured above, is a 25 lb Maine Coon with behavior issues. He is kept in a huge outside caged area. He was so sweet and also SO huge.

 photo catposse.jpg photo catonthekings.jpg

On the whole tour of the property we had a huge fan club of cats following us. Every time we took a seat they were all over us wanted to be loved and pet.

 photo Nakedcat.jpg

 photo sleepingcat.jpg photo cat2.jpg

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They had a separate house for cats with certain issues. Mainly older cats were found in this area or cats who were struggling with some kind of non-contagious aliment. This cat (Mr. Handsome) had to have jaw surgery. I also think he was the cat that was missing one leg.

 photo bigdog.jpg photo Lildog.jpg

The Cat House, though mainly for cats, also had some dog that had been abandoned. The puppy on the right was just so adorable I wanted to take him home right then. Too bad the apartment I moved into has a policy against pets!

 photo bangelcat.jpg

All in all, this place was a 10/10. If you ever find yourself in the Central Valley (Hey, who knows? It is on the way to Yosemite!) and you love cats you must check out The Cat House on the Kings!